Projects Released to Creative Commons

Darkie Project

Got time or money to burn and feel like creating a Multimedia, or better yet a Multiplatform, project?

Like animals or plants and don't know what to do with this passion and nerdiness and passionate nerdiness all in one go?

Feel free to take one of my proposals and make something out of them like others have not! (Or alternatively, just me.) These projects below are all released under Creative Commons, Attribution Share-Alike~

DMST Project Proposal (Darkie: A Thing of Beauty)

A modern adaptation of Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. Text from Project Gutenberg, released to public domain (in most countries). Focusing on spreading knowledge of how to care for animals and others and knowledge or animal endangerment, as well as 1800s history where possible.

DSMI Flash Project Idea Storyboard and sample flows

An exploration of the more subtle beauties of Sydney, looking at Sydney's history, nature and aquatic wildlife.

You can also hit me up if you ever want to produce any of these ideas to find out more. We could go submit this to Screen Australia for a grant - maybe?

Original image by Just chaos/Jean on Flickr.