Presenting a nice surprise from @Rubenerd

Kusugawa Sasara

Since Ruben and I started collecting figs en masse since March/April this year, I've been wanting to get a Kusugawa Sasara figure of my own ever since I bought and surprised Ruben with his in April. We both didn't know the character or the series, but golly - the sculpt was nice and the design was nice. She was a charmer.

I never really came across the right ones though. Griffon Enterprises' ones always seemed better than the other ones already out there on the market, and I couldn't buy one of her too exposed - one of the hazards of living at home, unfortunately. Though surely I wouldn't mind buying even a cast off figure if could display her. Unfortunately the ones of her in the non-seifuku gear was much too expensive for me! And the Kotobukiya one looked slightly off somehow...

Ruben surprised me today with an early birthday present, even after his bad accident yesterday. Sasara! I have to admit that before I didn't really like the pink version, though it was better than the white version, but I think it's growing on me. There isn't the same kind of contrast as the one which Ruben has, but she's charming all the same. And she has nice shoes!

Thanks, Ruben. :')

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