Preorders, Sculpting and Colours of 2013 Racing Miku

2013 Racing Miku

I could say a lot about the many designs for Racing Miku over the years, but here is neither the time nor the place to go into depth about them (that's for another post, I suppose?). I do currently own a Racing Miku, who I think is really the cream of the crop, despite her bundles of hair being terribly hard to assemble and even fragile to display. Nonetheless, this year's Racing Miku has attracted me ever since the art for her came out.

Now fully sculpted and coloured, 2013's Racing Miku looked amazing when I took a glimpse a couple of days ago, and resembles the initial artwork almost perfectly. Interestingly, somewhere along the line I'd developed an assumption the figure would be sitting, and therefore I get the impression now her pose looks suited more to a sitting position than a standing one. Although it, plus the flow of her hair makes her look dynamic, at the same time, she looks as if she might fall over at any moment. How is it physically possible to achieve that pose?

Taking a short detour to the point of this post, I admit this pose does give me cause for concern. Two of the last figures that I bought both face problems with leaning because of the pegs used to hold them to the base are insufficient. At first, my Ranka figure seemed perfectly balanced, until it became apparent over time she required more support than what her base gave — unless I had managed to purchase a dud. Now she leans over at 45 degrees without support.

2013 Racing Miku New Year Art

But I digress, perhaps it was the image quality, but what struck me the most odd at the first glimpse of the coloured version of the figure, was that the skin was more yellow than I had expected. Being Asian, 'yellow' skin is really not that odd, yet curiously this thought had crossed my mind all the same.

In my artworks, I try to strike for a peach tone, somewhere in the middle of the pinkish that the Western world try to market as skin colour in some boxes of colour pencils, and the pale oranges used by others. Peach for me, is a happy medium as yellow is to Lego in finding that happy place between not quite Westerner yet not quite Asian (leaving out the darker skinned people for a moment because that starts to get confusing).

Depending on which photograph or which screen you view her though, Racing Miku does have that peachy glow which makes me quite satisfied with her as a whole. She has a gorgeous design with a consistent, but lively — we'll pretend that wasn't a typo — palette.

Depending on what difficulties this Miku may face with leaning or balance, I could see myself rating this Miku higher than the 2011 version I presently own. The issues I had with my figure's hair as well as her umbrella are unfortunate, however have altered my opinion of the figure as a whole. The material of the newer figure's hair seems like it could be of higher quality, and she has no props which could be influenced by that evil force called gravity repeatedly.

Why I think 2011 and 2013 work though, is their more even spread and wonderful contrast of vibrant aqua blue and black with a fairly minimal mix of white that the other years in between do not achieve. Regardless, I'd be happy with either, as both are simply beautiful works of art.

Preorder: AmiAmi