[#RaspberryPi] Power where there is none.

Pidora asks to logout, shutdown or restart

From the Raspberry Pi FAQ:

Where’s the on / off switch? To switch on: just plug it in! To switch off: remove power.

I'd thought as much, but it's interesting that when you issue the shutdown command with the OS so that the 'machine' turns off but leave it plugged into the power, you can only turn it on again by disconnecting the power and then reconnecting it.

What was even more queer though, was the fact that the Pi was powered at all. As part of my gift Lego house (the case for the Raspberry Pi), I was also gifted a powered USB hub which had little switches you could turn on/off to provide power out the specific USB ports you were using. I'd forgotten to turn on the switch the microUSB to USB cable was connected to, yet the minute I connected both ends the device had started.

Later when I wanted to start the device again because I'd issued shutdown but left it connected, I simply turned the switch off and back on again and the computer came back to life! How very queer.