#PostADay2014, or several in fact

Macbook. Yeah ;)

I’ve never partaken in Post a Day before, but it was Ruben’s attempt at doing Post a Day 2011 which spurred me into starting a blog again, so I feel that in a way it’s attributed to why I’m blogging in the first place.

When I started this blog, I promised myself that I would try to post something everyday, even if it was just an image as a photoblog. It just had to be a post of something in order to give me a reason to keep coming back.

However as I continued to make photoblogs throughout the weeks of 2013, more and more I began to dislike the pointlessness of such posts until recently I ceased them altogether unless I had something substantial to write about it. Ultimately this decision meant that activity on my blog also ceased at times, because of a lack of motivation to write.

For me, this year is less about doing Post a Day as Ruben is, but more about doing 2-3 Posts a Day, which admittedly I have been failing at in the past few days although a single post is also acceptable when busy times arise. Some of the reasoning behind this is an ongoing dissatisfaction with all my posts which I try to blanket with more posts on top, but it does have some of the equivalent of trying to fix a gaping wound with a bandaid.

Regardless, it’s still a reason for me to push ahead instead of falling into the all-too-familiar pattern of neglect as I have with blogs of the past. Particularly as I have always preferred to start afresh.

Unlike Ruben though, the problem for me is not having a rising pile of unfinished drafts, but not having any drafts at all or having finished drafts of posts that would have been otherwise unwise to post. As I said, writing a post in anger never results in anything good — it’s not like I haven’t been there.

If I were to solicit any advice, personally I would be looking for how to obtain ideas or how to build a collection of drafts. Ruben provides a helpful link to the Daily Post team’s blog on WordPress which has ideas, but having been subjected to other people’s judgement that they would rather come up with their own topics than cookier cutter ones, I have my reservations about touching in there.