1990s Words

More new and bizarre 'words' mostly considered as slang or abbreviations have been created and entered into the Oxford English Dictionary in past years than in the many years before it. While teachers and the media mutter that the Internet is ruining our ability to communicate, some interesting words have nonetheless appeared all as a result of our new technology.

The truth of the matter is that words have been sporadically created and entered common use throughout much of history — I wonder what our ancestors would think if they saw us today!

But I digress, poptastic is not even a word I'd heard of in use today but is apparently my 'birthday word' according to the Oxford English Dictionary's Birthday Word Generator, introduced at the end of last year.

That is, poptastic was first known to be used in the English language/'originated' in my birth year. The word means "designating or relating to a very good recording or performance of pop music", or when used in a more general sense, fantastic or excellent. Did you hear? Kylie's new song was simply poptastic!

While it wouldn't be my word of choice, it does sound somewhat better than gastropub which is apparently my brother's birthday word. While it sounds like somewhere you can break wind or maybe even where cars convene to consume their spirits of choice, it is in fact a public house specialising in serving high-quality food.