Popping Away Candy-dly

Ruben tried popping candy for the first time today.

It’s not often that I can say that I’ve tried something before Ruben has. With his vast range of experiences spanning multiple countries of the world, multiple states in Australia and multiple states of mind (wait, what), it’s more common for him to have tried most of everything before I have.

Nonetheless, the sudden interesting sensation of popping candy today, while digging into a chocolate tart which Ruben’s father made was a most interesting experience. Perhaps I won’t tell you which recipe so I don’t ruin the surprise for… whoops.

I only wanted the lollipop

This brings me back to my childhood — I use this very tenuously as I continually challenge the concept I ever had a childhood at all, but I digress. When I was younger, my mother would take us to the supermarket after school for us, and after work for us to purchase break in order to make lunch for the next few days in the week.

Of course, us kids were always very excited about the confectionery aisle as we wandered down each, looking for specials. How did those crafty people know to put that aisle last…

Sour sugary power with a lollipop or a sugar stick of some variety in order to dip into this power was pretty widely available then as far as I recall, though no names come to mind. I often wanted to get these, but usually for the lollipop or sugary stick, and not the powder, which I usually discarded later through some unknown means.

This was the way in which I became acquainted with popping candy, after purchasing another of these such packets, expecting the usual when suddenly there was this unpleasant popping sensation in my mouth. I decided then that although it was interesting, it also wasn’t for me. It was simply… a strange sensation.

Or was it Willy Wonka

However, it also could have been thanks to a bar of ‘Wonka’ chocolate that was my first memory of this though. Managing to convince my mother that there would be more health benefits having ‘chocolate’ than just sugar, we purchased a bar of chocolate with popping candy (that was most likely on special), and the chocolate fizzled away in my mouth all the way home.

Regardless from these two experiences, I decided that popping candy was interesting and all, but simply not really for me.

That being said though it was an interesting accompaniment to this dessert which I partook of today. It is likely that perhaps it is simply the combination of popping candy with other sugary or sour powders which usually intensifies and makes the sensation more unpleasant than it should be, when in fact by itself it is not too unpleasant.

Like mixed in with biscuit for the base of a cake for example. Although it wouldn’t be my confectionery of choice, it surely does spice up a nice cake… or tart. Or cupcake for example — Heston, you’re not the first one to think of this, and surely won’t be the last either.

But I only ever wanted the lollipop anyway.

Top image from Obsessive Sweets.