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I was looking at Freedelさん's PONPONPON yesterday (on Nico Nico Douga) (which I didn't fully understand, given my level of Japanese), but it prompted me to go looking for some more covers and I came across an English version of it, which doesn't seem quite as catchy (doesn't seem quite as fast paced), but nonetheless, not too bad.


My favourite cover of it has to be this one so far though. I practiced with this one when I was trying to learn the song, since this one is better for my range. I haven't actually checked who sang this yet, I suppose I should do that in the future.


This song is great fun to sing though, despite all the PONs and WAYs making me sound pretty stupid to my parents. My mum said it sounded like a highlands dialect (something to that extent).

I suppose Japanese does have Chinese roots though, haha.

@AngelsThesis tweeted a link to Recog's version on Nico Nico, and I'm afraid I didn't really understand a lot of that one either, although if you understand Japanese, apparently it's very funny. ^^; I guess I missed a lot of it.

This makes me want to make an 歌ってみた (cover) of my own though! ^^