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I'll be honest with you, despite believing that one should be versed in all kinds of social networks, I didn't want to make a Plurk. It was just another site that required my attention when I already had plenty of stuff to do. @ch1ps0h0y reminded me of it last month when she decided to make one, but still I procrastinated since I didn't think I would really need or use one, but despite my reservations, it was Tori's musing which prompted me to make one... as often kind of just happens.

Anyway, despite deciding that my hand would probable be forced to make one in the future anyway, I created one this morning from reasons which can only be explainable with paranoia (maybe it was the lack of sleep making the decisions for me).

While at first, it does appear to be quite a Twitter clone, it's obvious there are ways that Twitter is good and Plurk isn't, and ways that Plurk is good, but Twitter isn't. I suppose this is only an observation that is expected, given that any site will have its upsides as well as downsides, but nonetheless, since it gives me an opportunity to chat with @hesit8, whom I have not talked to in quite a while, it's a good opportunity to connect and reconnect with people and also gain experience, I guess it's worth staying on (and spamming, as usual). The 140 character limit is what mostly resembles Twitter, and this is even more obvious in app form, but the web interface is definitely something new, which is probably why there are no clients for Plurk on the Macbook or for Windows, as far as I know. This is rather innovative, and I like how all the times are easily observed, rather than the typical '1 hour ago', '12 minutes ago' of Twitter.

That's my brief assessment of Plurk from my use of it today, and I kind the Karma and other features interesting, if not troublesome. It makes Plurk seem like a competition, when it shouldn't be.

In any case, I believe that a certain degree of proficiency in the operation of any social network is highly advantageous, whether this be Facebook, G+, Twitter, Plurk, Formspring or any other so-called 'social networking' site. It's up to you if you agree with this, but what I found with Plurk was interesting, despite what I thought about it before. It's an innovative take that I wasn't really expecting, even though I'd looked at things on Plurk before. I would still like to stick with Twitter where possible, but I don't have any particular reservations with investing more time into understanding and finding ways in using Plurk to its full potential.

... as well as figuring out its limitations on Macbooks vs Windows laptops! XD

I'm still trying to decide who I really want to add to it though, so... keep posted.