Plot the Scottish Highlands

I found an interesting article on the legality and truth behind becoming a Lord of the Scottish Highlands which is quite quote-worthy, but I hope you’ll check it out in full. It took me some careful reading because I find sometimes I’m just not in the mood to read something of any length other than ‘short’, and have to pay extra attention to what I’m reading.

The long and short of it though, is that just because you call yourself a ‘Laird’ doesn’t mean you’re a ‘Lord’ and that there’s no shortcut to nobility. Here’s a summary I came up with:

  • ‘Laird’ is not the same as Lord
  • But actually, anyone in Scotland can call themselves whatever they like - a Duke if they wanted to
  • You don’t actually own a souvenir plot of land, you’ve just bought it but the land your plot is on can be sold to someone else as a whole.
  • You can’t use a Coat of Arms as this only belongs to an individual
  • You can use a clan crest, as a member of a clan. But a “member of a clan” is anyone with the clan surname or that “offers allegiance to the chief”, so anyone really.

As cool as it would be to own a random plot of land in the middle of nowhere, even without the honour of using a special title, I think I might as well give that a pass. As I said though, it’s worth a read.