Play with Oreo

Play With Oreo TVC 2015 from MARKETING INTERACTIVE on Vimeo.

The Cantonese version of the ‘Play with Oreo’ advertisement is my new favourite thing in the past week. The animation is reminiscent of the ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ style, which is still strong in my mind given that I viewed it relatively recently. The sense of play and childish innocence is strong in the colours, themes and feel of the entire advertisement.

The animation is quirky, cute and fun - yet, the English one seems to be lacking in something. For me, the incorporation of the last verse in Cantonese gives this ad the last spin that it needs to become the best advertisement ever in my eyes. On repeat listenings, I think it has to do with the fact that the English words seem to fit the tune less appropriately than the Cantonese version, but I will admit to bias given that I heard the Cantonese one to begin with.

That having been said, I also think that the German version of this advertisement is great and am surprised how well it works despite the change in language.

If interested, here is also the (original?) English version of the advertisement.

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