[Pixiv] To have cake

Cake people series by gray312 on Pixiv

I was checking out the “Quarterly Pixiv: Sweets Personification” (Qpixiv5お菓子の擬人化) collection from 2011 today and spotted a series of artworks that can only be described as anthropomorphisms of cake.

This subject matter is surely not surprising to anyone reading this post as the entire collection shows either girls being cake/sweets, dressing as desserts or as miniature beings living in a world of desserts. However it serves to remind me of the ‘Tea Beverage Foodstuffs Personification’ series we once had on Twitter quite a while ago. Not only was there an Earl Grey and a Coffee, but many other flavours were represented as well.

I don’t know what has happened to those brief, unskilled artworks or those Tweets since (perhaps buried far, far down in my ‘Favourite Tweets’ list). A quick Twitter search has proven that Twitter’s search engine is better than I give them credit for, and also proven that yfrog don’t deserve credit at all. Regardless of these missing resources, I feel an urge to restart this series of artworks and give it another go. It would be interesting to properly flesh these characters out.

As I went through the entire collection, there was one interesting thing to note however: there are never enough artworks of guys in collections like this. I’m not sure what kind of sexism this is, as it is either girls drawing girls, or guys also drawing girls - either way, girls are the one thing you can expect!

Featured artworks

  • Blueberry Cheese cake | gray312 [pixiv]
  • Strawberry cake | gray312 [pixiv]
  • Green Tea cake | gray312 [pixiv]
  • Orange Chocolate cake | gray312 [pixiv]