Pig in the News

“Political correctness gone too far?” someone commented.

Shared by my boss today, apparently a joke went wrong (to put it mildly) as the story of a ‘Muslim campaign to ban Peppa Pig’ spread like wildfire around the world without anyone properly checking the facts as they quickly jumped on the train of outrage. In the first place, it’s a children’s cartoon, and in the second… well, clearly no one really did any research at all.

The video was created in satire by British Muslim Comedy yet had been misappropriated as being a real ‘threat’ despite the warnings in the video’s description, and then was reported on by news websites. God knows if it made it onto television as well, because that would be damn embarrassing.

Is this a comment on the state of journalist today, I wonder? Slow news day?

The comedian is right though, we’re not allowed to use this topic as a platform for racial hatred of Muslims. Or any other race, really. But just because we have our discriminations, doesn’t mean the man in the video isn’t as British as the next person, despite the fake accent. If only they’d just read the description.