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I conducted some research during the past fortnight or so into different PHP Frameworks, of which CodeIgnitor, Laravel and CakePHP are only a few amongst the several I looked at. They seemed to be the preferred ones used in the industry, however.

You may question why I would use a Framework and I guess there are several reasons, one being that PHP in itself has a great deal of quirks and exhibits some odd behaviour, and this can often be fixed through using a framework which will make the experience much more consistent. But since PHP is such a widely used language, it's more than likely it will be here to stay and there is no time like the present to get involved with PHP.

As many sources have said, it depends on the purpose and the user experience you are looking for. Although all three frameworks mentioned are great frameworks in their own right, they serve different purposes, different audiences and have very different systems and levels of difficulty. There is never one right answer, but only a solution that assists in solving the problem.

For me, although I can see there are many more benefits of Laravel over Codeigniter right now, I'm sticking with CodeIgniter since I currently have the support network to help me out with it, though this doesn't necessarily make it the better choice, just suitable for the situation. Laravel is the recommended framework of choice amongst developers, but there are arguments on both sides. I'll assess this in more detail later.

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