[Photoshop] Zombie-thing

Zombie/Vampire thing

We make interesting things in Photoshop classes for Digital Media and the Still Image. This was supposed to be either a zombie or a vampire or something, but I'm not sure what it turned out to be in the end. I believe there is an online tutorial for this somewhere if you look around. Basically an image of a girl looking face-on, an image of cracked earth, an image of pink powder (holi or otherwise), the brush tool and a head wound were used.

A mixture of desaturation, Vibrance, blending modes for layers, vector masks, layer masks, Hue and Saturation/Levels/Curves and Liquify as well as more crude methods of paintbrush and eraser were used in the creation of this horrendous masterpiece.

The original image was titled:

Nina Dobrev Red Lips Looking Front Face Closeup

I mean you no offense!