Photoshop Multiple Layer Import

Long have I desired this function in Photoshop, but just because I don’t know it clearly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. The GIMP has had this functionality tucked into its menu (Open as Layers), but it’s a little more complicated to find in photoshop.

What’s this we’re finding? Why, we want to open up a number of different image files in the one document, with each image as a layer of course. This was a little difficult to articulate to a search engine, but not impossible.

As it turns out, here is the process of opening up all the images you desire as layers in the one document:

  • Select File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack…
  • Browse to find your images. Preferrably you’ve collected these into a folder. Images will appear as filenames in the white box.
  • Click OK

Like this fellow I located this from, I used to also open all the images up in their separate documents then copy and paste them into one at the end, which was a laborious process. Lesson learned, and one less fool here too. Thanks!

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