[Photoblog] 2013.11.09 Passing into exam period

Ruben pensively in Chinatown French Toast at the New Hong Kong CafeGrass Jelly Drink at the New Hong Kong Cafe

After Ruben's PMP exam after SEP assignment and my morning of attempting my DMSC essay after my DSMI assignment was semi-handed in on Friday. That's a heck of a lot of acronyms, huh?

Ruben and I went to the New Hong Kong Cafe near Chinatown for some sustenance, but most importantly, for coffee! Ruben thinks that the Hong Kong-ese do a mean coffee somehow, and it's somewhat of an enigma how it's possible. Either way, he got his tea, we got our sustenance of peanut butter stuffed French Toast (I think I've tried it with ham in it before), and I also decided to try out a Grass Jelly Drink.

Sebastian pinged me sometime during the day about how Arisun seemed to have closed down, so we checked it out as we went past, and sure enough... We only hope that they're just closed for renovation and not closed down for good. The club likes to complain that we go there all the time, but Ruben doesn't feel like he's been there at all! But wait - their Facebook page mentions a reopening!!

Not really in the mood to go home just yet, we wandered up the street towards Town Hall to take the train home and somehow found ourselves in Kinokuniya instead, looking at how they had moved around all their decor once again and their updated manga. More tempted than ever before to buy Haruhi manga as we saw her in a Cheongsam. Ruben of course opened it to see more Yuki inside.

We also discovered Kinokuniya had stocked up with K-ON! High School and K-ON! College... so of course I just had to do this... :')

Another semester is ending soon...!