[Photoblog] 2013.08.13 Railway tracks to the past

Thomas the Tank Engine at Central Station

Yeah, yeah, so I put my boyfriend in my photos instead of myself. What are you going to do? But anyway -- Thomas the Tank Engine, or a train very like him, was at Central Station today! What a surprise Ruben and I got as we left from the Main/Grand/Northern Concourse (take your pick).

Interestingly.. I don't think we would have seen Thomas had we not decided to go grab a snack before class. When we passed by the entrance to the Concourse the first time, I don't think I noticed any trains there... Or perhaps that was just me being unobservant. Nonetheless, whatever the reason, it was exciting to catch this childhood figure.. :)

Well, one from my brother's childhood anyway. I never watched Thomas the Tank Engine until he came along since I wasn't really allowed to watch TV. But I digress!