[Photoblog] 2013.04.18 D-Day

Chocolate muffin with chocolate chips

Foursquare screenshot of Wentworth Park check-in

Exam day for Routing and Internetworks... Is that name right? I can never remember where to put the -ing part of the name. Regardless, the day was filled with sleepiness, mad rushes to study, train rides, walks to Wentworth Park, rain and hectic scribbling. It was nice to just relax and share a muffin with Ruben on the train ride home, and then even a hot chocolate after with his family. :'D

Just as well I haven't been to that location since last year, Foursquare. I don't like to make it a habit to have to visit Wentworth Park for exams. Not looking forward to the final exam!

Images taken on my Galaxy Note because I'm lazy, mostly.