[Photoblog] 2013.04.12 iPad Cases from Incipio and Stocking figures

Red Incipio Feather case

Panty and Stocking Stocking figure by Alter

So this is kind of bundled for 2013.04.11 and 2013.04.12 because my memory kind of fades really quickly now. In any case, these cases arrived in the evening of Thursday the 11th from Amazon. They weren't expected to arrive until the 16th, according the email Amazon sent me, although the original order told me that they would arrive on the 10th or 11th... which was quite accurate, I guess! I got quite a scare earlier in the night because my dad happened to be returning home at a weird time. Anyway, I'm sorry about the weirdness you have to go through, Ruben.

So on Friday, the 12th, I delivered the case and matte screen protectors I bought for Ruben to him and we kitted out his shiny white iPad in the new stuff. He put on the screen protector much more neatly than I did though! Mine's kind of off, and his is on perfectly. Tsk! Then I went home and rearranged my desk, hehe. And unpacked Stocking. Then opened a pack of novelty gel pens I had.. weird stuff.

I've been getting a bit lazy with these photos, but that's my lousy recount of two days.