[Photoblog] 2013.04.09 Starbucks Frappucino Dusplugs

Starbucks frappucino dusplug

One of the parcels which I had been waiting on for what felt like ages finally arrived yesterday! I'd probably expected it to arrive earlier because if I recall correctly, almost half a week passed already after I paid for the item before the seller shipped it, but to be fair they had put up a notice that they would be away. I just didn't expect them to be away even after the date specified... or Ebay to deny me placing an order even after the date they said they would be back. At least it's the quality I expect it to be though, if nothing.

I've bought a set of these before and presented it to Ruben for Christmas, but unfortunately he'd broken one of them. They are pretty easy to break! In any case though, I set out to find a replacement and this time bought a set for myself too. :'D Though I don't know where I might use them.

It was a good day despite having to rush the rest of our Cloud Computing assignment, and Ruben and I have both been poorly for a while so it was kinda nice in several other ways too. Hah, this paragraph isn't going to make sense to anyone!