[Photoblog] 2013.04.05 Hugs and Figs

Iced Chocolate from Oliver BrowniPad Mini pairing with Bluetooth keyboard The best mizugi Saber figRirichiyo figure

Not the edible sort of figs, but figures! Anime figures, in fact. This fig habit is probably not very good, since it's draining the rest of my money away, but they're pretty and it's fun. Herp derp.

Onto the important business though! My poor boyfriend has been feeling unwell the last couple of days, which is putting it rather mildly without using the exact term which he used. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon shopping for presents for his sister, Elke, since it was her birthday, and buying other items of the healthy (but tasty) variety to make Ruben feel better. I met up with him in the afternoon at Oliver Brown and we sat on our iPads, looking at images and tweeting away... and you can read his thoughts about that particular activity above!

Later he let me know that the figures we ordered had arrived and we had a good time opening figures. :D You can see them above. His Saber is the most epic Saber I've seen, beating my Saber Lily by good measure! I feel like my Ririchiyo was an impulse purchase, but she is really quite pretty. I can't say my parents agree, my dad sure wasn't impressed seeing it. The other parent hasn't seen her yet though...