[Photoblog] 2013.04.01 iPad Mini

Unboxing iPad - the boxUnboxing iPad - the real deal Unboxing iPad - inside of the boxUnboxing iPad - the paperwork

Ehe, against my better judgement, I bought an iPad Mini though honestly I probably don't have enough money left to be doing so. Still, figure habit and financial problems aside, it's been great so far with it and I think in some ways it'll definitely be something I can utilise in the long run, that is after I get my iPad case though, so I can stop being so worried about damaging it and finally remove the original packaging. I've been cleaning it and unpeeling the bottom whenever I want to charge it. Ruben has the right idea, cutting a hole to charge his.

You probably think the images above are supposed to show the unpacking of it, but I actually unpacked it around noon on the day while sitting with Ruben on a bench in Hornsby. You can see these are pictures I took later while reversing the process and packing it back inside the box. I also lost my stylus at that bench though, but Ruben went back a-and he searched until he found it. I'm so touched. ;__;