[Photoblog] 2013.03.30 @Rubenerd's Birthday Celebrations

Starbucks beverages, a hazelnut latte and a strawberry and soy thing plus iced waterA tasty bowl of edamame from Mori Japanese and Korean Restaurant Ruben posing like The Thinker with his birthday cakeHomura figure

It was hard finding only a couple of images to summarise the entirety of the day. Though especially since I've switched to using SFTP via terminal in order to upload images, I haven't really been that keen on uploading so many images, which I suppose is good news to my webmaster-guy, Ruben, and also the birthday-dude in this post~ But enough of that, onto the description of the day!

I can scarcely remember the morning, but Ruben and I met up for a little while beforehand before taking the train into the city to meet the others in Central. We bought drinks at Starbucks (well, I bought the drinks, and Ruben ordered them XD) where we hung out with friends (David, Mad, Sebastian, Sashin, Vadim) for around an hour. Presents were exchanged despite express warnings not to give them... Told you it was useless. ;) All that was somehow done before heading back to Central station, where we met up with Cindy and Alex to commute to Hornsby via express train.

Getting off at Hornsby station, we walked to Mori Japanese and Korean where I'd made a booking for us earlier in the week. After some initial confusion with menus, we placed our order and the food began to slowly trickle onto the table. You can see some of it in my Ruben's Birthday album on Flickr, starting about halfway. There was some food stealing while others were gone, and there was a lot of sharing, but the food was tasty and the company good!

When we were all just about done, we unveiled the cake - which Seb had kindly bought. Some loud and embarrassing singing, photo taking (oops) and cutting (slicing?) later, we were all munching on the cake, which was rather good! Despite some of us being rather full already. We sorted the bill messily, talked some more and left to walk back to the station.

Was a good chance to catch up. :) Hope you had a good birthday and birthday celebration, Ruben! ♥

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