[Photoblog] 2013.03.29 Sky by @Rubenerd and myself. :)

Sky at sunset photo by me

This afternoon while walking home, I chanced to look up at the sky and saw the sun creating a golden hue along the edges of the fluffy white clouds that floated amongst the deep blue expanse of the sky. I would have loved to take a picture of just the sky, but it so happens there are always either too many powerlines or trees in the way in my area and that always gets in the way of the shot somehow. Here I thought they might create a nice effect, but I'm not so sure anymore.

I wonder if my DSLR would have captured the sky better, but the golden glow which I saw wasn't really well represented in the raw image from my phone's camera above. Oh well! I did do an edited version which you can see in 500px form here~

Ruben proceeded to post his own image of the same sky (albeit a bit further away!) shortly after, with the tweet:

@Rubenerd: Not as nice as @hanezawakirika 's! cl.ly/Nu3h

Which I shall vehemently disagree with, thank you very much! :D Look at that contrast, the direction of the stream of light! That glorious glow! In any case, I like his image much better, the golden glow seems more honest than my own camera's.

Sky at sunset photo by Ruben~

Sometimes I wonder if my photos would come out differently if I were taller! Or... maybe if my phone had HDR mode?