[Photoblog] 2013.03.27 @Rubenerd's Birthday

Good Smile Company 1/8 scale painted Miku Figure photo 1Good Smile Company 1/8 scale painted Miku Figure photo 2 Katsu curry from DarumaMad Mex's...sauces, that is

This was an exciting day for me, I'll admit. I'm not sure if it was as exciting for him, but this was the big day of Ruben's birthday!! I woke up early that morning so that I could head out and buy him some cake from a local bakery and bring it to his house along with his presents. There were some shirts that had taken their time arriving as well as another fig for him. You can see her above. I have to admit, I really like this fig and I would totally have bought her for myself, but she was on Ruben's wishlist and he spotted her first, so to speak! The modelling and paint on her is lovely, which is great because I hear Good Smile Company's QC can be touch and go... but enough of that! XD

We headed out to the city in the afternoon amidst high schoolers and passing a freight train stopped on the line at Thornleigh before turning up late at Central... because of a problem with a freight train at Cheltenham. It makes one wonder if it was the same one. In any case, we managed to meet up with our friends at Daruma and munched on a tasty katsu curry before hurrying off to our first class of the day, Networking.

It was an interesting time subnetting, but the class was not quite as awful as it could have been. After that was of course another class for our lovely 6-hour block of classes, so we rushed off to the Cloud Computing lecture and then attended the tutorial in our separate rooms, where I was harassed by SMS to return home earlier because of ongoing line suspension from that freight train incident earlier... sheesh, CityRail.

I met up with Ruben after leaving class early and we went to Mad Mex's before we left Central. I was going to treat him to an apple pie from McDonalds', but they were rather busy at the time, so it was Mad Mex's instead, since they were relatively empty, plus the food there is enticing! You can only see the sauces above though!

I'm glad you had a good day on the 27th, despite the classes, Ruben! You can see my other post wishing him a happy birthday. I'm pretty sure there are small details I've forgotten already. Curses. :'D