[Photoblog] 2013.03.23 @mayonakaotaku's early farewell

Macbook Background Mexicana from Pancakes on the RocksTifa's powderset

On this day... the first image is nothing special, but it was the first couple of days I'd switched to using my SSD so everything was new and fresh, including my wallpaper. I blame Ruben for the Yuki themed wallpapers of late.

The second photo I snapped as I hurried from Central station to Darling Harbour, where Pancakes on the Rocks (in Darling Harbour) is, in order to make it to my good friend Yorumichii's 'early sayonara' as it were. She's going off to Japan for a whole year, so it was the last chance to see her. You can see the dish I ordered above and the powderset-thing which Tifa threatened Alex with. If you want pictures of the event, most likely you know me in places other than this blog, so go check my Facebook - they won't be posted here.

But apart from all of that stuff, I wish her a good year in Japan, the best of luck with her studies and managing with stuff over there, I hope that her bag doesn't split at the seams, I wish her a good time outside of academia also and I hope to see her again soon. :) Bon voyage!

Well, there must be a way in Japanese to say this too... This is copied from a... reference, but 楽しいご旅行を!