[Photoblog] 2013.03.21 Of Solid State Drives and Kyon Nendroids

Ruben taking the screws out of a harddrive

Kyon nendroid on a desk

This is the day I swapped my 750GB Hard Disk Drive for a 250GB Solid State Drive. Or rather, Ruben did, being much more familiar than I about the inner workings of a Macbook. To be fair, I did install my own RAM last time, but I find this installation to be a task requiring more... finesse.

In any case, a box from Mandarake had arrived a couple of days ago and I was overexcited, so I presented to Ruben an early birthday present, one of many! A Kyon Nendroid, and one he could now cross one off his MyFigureCollection!

This is mine if you're interested~