[Photoblog] 2013.03.12 The Unboxing of Nagato Yuki

Yuki Nendroid

The Unboxing of Nagato Yuki

I finally opened the Nagato Yuki nendroid I decided to give to myself for Christmas since Ruben opened up his Nendroid yesterday which I gave him for Christmas! Together we both have the two Yuki Nendroids that were released, and Vadim even gave Ruben a Nendroid Puchi for his birthday last year! You can look at the previous post!

I'm glad to finally see Yuki out of her box. ^__^ I'm a little less enthused about nendroids these days though, even though they are quite adorable. But there's just something cool about having a scaled figure. Also I look at my so called 'collection' and just feel sad about all the minifigs. Whoop di do.

Anyway, speaking of figures, I bit the bullet and made a MyFigureCollection because Ruben successfully convinced me. Don't expect me to make a MyAnimeList anytime soon though, I still refuse to do that. XD