[Photoblog] 2013.03.11 In which I say nothing.

I was going to make a post yesterday about how I had no photos from the day which had past and post up a photo from my HK trip from a batch which my dad had finally handed over yesterday evening after me asking for about a month or so - like I can talk, who is still holding photos ransom after 4 years, but I digress. So this site was down and I didn't make that post, you have missed nothing.

Unboxing figs is remarkably fun. I think part of the reason I kind of like unpacking boxes (I don't know if this would apply to my own stuff), but unpacking things kind of gives me the same feeling as unwrapping presents.. even if then you have to figure out where to put what you've just uncovered. I suppose I've never really unwrapped that many presents so maybe that's why I feel like it's fun. I'm sorry.

Anyway, like the fool I am, I think I had the ISO set much too high so the photos turned out kinda grainy. Should have checked the settings before I started snapping away. Idiota. In any case, Ruben's newly unpacked fig is a thing of beauty.

By the way, I have no idea when my Flickr's free Pro account expires, but I suppose I will have to fix that eventually.