[Photoblog] Historical Event: Clean Desk

Desk other sideDesk front side

Usually my desk is a pretty sad mess. On the few occasions it is relatively clean, it's usually worth photographing just because it's something of a historic occasion. I've had a lot of trouble keeping my desk clean in the past, things just build up on it quickly over a matter of days. Coming to ask myself why though and discussing with Ruben some Fengshui principles though, I have to wonder if simply having my desk at a different location would end in a different result. History tells me no though (but I'd still like to try all the same).

All the same, I'd like to keep this desk clear and having the lava lamp (which was from Ruben!) on the desk may just help with that if it gets so hot when it's on. It would be nice to actually utilise the room on my desk properly for once, rather than having paper, food and stationery all over it...

Old iPod TouchPost-it notes on the wall from months ago PSYCHO-PASS posterYuki nendroid

I did put up the poster which @avalanchee gave to me via @lottepon though, one from PSYCHO-PASS, since I used to really be into Reborn! by Amano Akira. I'm recently off Amano-sensei's works (even though she only did the character design), but that poster is still nice.