[Photoblog] 2013.02.21 CHRONICLE

CHRONICLE cover Crono Crusade or Chrno Crusade Chrono and Rosette Christopher

After spending most of my day helping out Ruben, I came home to be greeted with CHRONICLE, Moriyama Daisuke's artbook! I don't have any photos from the day (though I took some photos on Ruben's camera, not my own!), so above is a few of CHRONICLE.

I have to say that for a while now I've believed that a good day will always end in a bad way (hey,that rhymes!) as if it were Karma or some sort of balance going on. That if I were ever too happy, someone or something would try to bring me down off that high. CityRail sure did a good part in screwing me over yesterday, but the day still ended in a high way, since this book and the other things I'd bought arrived at the same time.

I'll talk about the book more another time since this is a photoblog although I'll note that the typos in the book still seem to be in abundance (it's nice that it's mostly in English though). However as a special mention: the last photo above reminds me a lot of Ruben and myself, just because of the height difference and how he's hugging her. :')