[Photoblog] 2013.02.18 Hustle and Bustle

Cups ready for contentsFood ready to eatFliers ready for delivering

I spent much of today sitting around in meetings, waiting anxiously to be contacted, feeling uncomfortable, running around buying things and worrying - in a nutshell. Speaking of which, that appears to be a new meme on Tumblr or something. But that's for another time... or another post?

The Chinese New Year Twilight Parade photos from 2013.02.17 will be somewhere sometime soon, hopefully. Actually I thought I took a lot of photos, but I looked through them quickly and they're mostly bad, so it's probably not such a hard choice as to what to put up. The only problem with these new photoblogs is uploading to Flickr. As it always is.

Also I finally got around to installing HTTPS Everywhere, courtesy of Ruben's advice from ages ago. You're probably me tired of linking that all the time. :) Oh right, there was a point to this paragraph - so all the Flickr links are https://secure.flickr.com. Whoop~

I just watched some charlieissocoollike and read some of his blog so now I've adopted some writing mannerisms. Please excuse me. But he's probably more pleasant to read than I am anyway!