[Photoblog] 2013.02.16 Say, aren't you missing an e?

Chocolate from CindyEdamame at Hana HanaChicken Cheese Curry Rice

Just trying out a new thing here (click the images to see what I mean).

I don't know, feel free to give feedback? I bit the bullet and decided to upload all my photos so far to Flickr before things got even more out of hand than they were already. Needless to say, even though everything is still a mess, it's nice to have them up there, rather than isolating them to this corner of the internet no one reads.

ChillJam wasn't filled with Chilli for me today, but I did disappear for a good few hours. Some stuff was accomplished, and some wasn't. I was gifted chocolate by @Adasifs, and then a good dinner was had with Ruben despite how tired he was. Poor guy. :(

I leave today somewhat content if not totally satisfied. Yay for deadlines though.