[Photoblog] 2013.02.14 Valentines Day


Today was, naturally, Valentines Day. I hear often that the day is just consumerist bullshit and that it's nothing special and people shouldn't just be spending the one day showing their love to their partner (if they have one), and while I agree that you shouldn't only show your love at Valentines Day, today to me wasn't really about just showing your love. I've never spent a Valentines with anyone but close friends, so it was just special to have someone close to me in this new way to share the day with, just as it would be special to spend any day with this person.

In any case, I made this partner of mine some chocolates for today, Japanese traditions in the forefront of my mind, thinking of honmei choco. I bought a heart-shaped mould and cooking chocolate (both dark and milk) and made several batches. The first two didn't turn out very well (semi-burnt and completely burnt), but the last two seemed pretty passable. After the chocolate had been melted the first time though, they seemed pretty vulnerable to melting again, even upon just lightly contacting the warmth of my hands. I'm now wondering if there is anywhere that sells coloured aluminium foil.

I met up with Ruben at almost 11AM (where he ran up to me for a heartshopping moment - in a good way, I assure you) and we went to The Woods Cafe and Deli for some blueberry and buttermilk pancakes, coffee and tea and exchanged some chocolates. Truthfully I hadn't been expecting to receive anything, so I was touched by his gift of chocolates. :') Given this expectation though, or lack thereof, I wonder if it's right for me to be sad about roses, but my family has had negative reactions to me bringing home flowers or gifts from this gentleman caller before.

All in all, today it was just nice to spend time close to Ruben, it didn't even need anything special though there were many lovely moments throughout the day regardless. It's always fun to be with and work with Ruben, even if we we're just battling XML!