[Photoblog] 2013.02.09 Chinese New Year's Eve

Ruben with his camera Them dim sim were goodRed packets to form wordsDragon made of utensilsChinese word fu

I'm sorry for featuring you on my blog, dear Ruben. But!

Of my whole day, the moments with you would have to be the most memorable, none of the photos I took from the anime club meeting made the final cut! While these pictures are not great (shame shame shame!!), they sum up the best part of my day.

When I started blogging I told myself if there was anything I posted in a day, it would at least be a photo, something to remind me of that day, so I've been doing that slowly, taking my camera about. :') Hopefully it's worth it in the future. To someone.

Added bonus! XD

Ruben's tea commercial