I’ve been working on an app being built in PhoneGap recently, but despite how promising it sounded I’ve since discovered what a pain it really is - perhaps as a result of it being hosted on Dropbox instead of on a proper code repository.

To install PhoneGap I first installed Node.js from their .pkg download. Then I went into my Terminal and ran the PhoneGap install. Finally, I I installed Cordova.

When I tried to build the Project in XCode, it cited the build failed due to a Shell Script Invocation Error. In the log it was indicated that there was a permissions error.

line 2: cordova/lib/ Permission denied

The simple fix for this is simply changing the permissions for that script.

$ chmod 777 platforms/ios/cordova/lib/

Not ideal to have it as 777, but regardless it worked. This issue also happened for another member of the group who tried to build from the same files, however the main developer of the app insisted he had no issues. Curious.