Petals Around the Rose

Petals Around the Rose bash script

Have you heard of Petals Around the Rose? It’s a mathematical puzzle, and at the same time a concealed rule game.

I only came across the game today as a bash script by Serghey Rodin that was part of the provided batch of scripts in last week’s tutorial exercise for Unix Systems Programming. The puzzle is said to often be used ‘as an exercise in inductive reasoning’ and was popular in the mid-1970s, most famously in a recount of Bill Gates working out the solution in an airport and on the subsequent plane.

Here’s the instructions for that script, and all you can know apart from the correct answer to dice throws (or generates, in this case):

The name of the game is Petals Around the Rose,
and that name is significant.
Five dice will roll and you must guess the “answer” for each roll.
It will be zero or an even number.
After your guess, you will be told the answer for the roll, but …
that’s ALL the information you will get.

Six consecutive correct guesses admits you to the
Fellowship of the Rose.

So, do you know how many petals there are around the rose? Read more about this game from Lloyd Borrett and maybe you can also join this mystical Order of the Rose…