People Falling In Love with Fictional Characters

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It's true that I'm tired of people falling in love with fictional characters. Not that I dont understand where they might be coming from, but is there a need to publicise it? I understand that not everyone is like me, however, I personally do not find that falling in love with a fictional character is something worth doing.

First of all, they are obviously not real. If they're not real, what's the point in loving them? I can understand admiration, obsession - which may be what this supposed love comes from in the first place - but I cannot understand this falling in love with a character that does not, and never will exist.

Second of all, in the case of this type of character would not exist in real life anyway. Take the very obvious example first of all - Edward Cullen, boy protagonist of the series Twilight. I hear fans all the time - 'I love Edward. He's the hottest guy ever' or something along those lines. Now, I dont think this love is in the sense of 'Oh, thanks for doing that for me, I love you' in the sense of respect, thankfulness and the associated, but a feeling of attraction for the character (That which will bring me to my third point). This character is a vampire, and as far as we know - they do not exist. Besides, even if they do, your chances of meeting one are zero to none.

Thirdly, those feelings of attraction stem from what? Admiration of the character's morals, their character (as it is called - the way they do things, etc is what I mean)? We dont even know what this character looks like and you're here telling me he's the hottest guy? How the heck do you know that? Your mental image? Just because the guy seems hot and perfect to you doesn't mean he does for others. Otherwise, what does he have, an adaptive face to suit everyone? Just because you find someone attractive doesnt mean they are to all, and in no way should you fall in love with your mental image of someone either. That kind of love I would think is superficial.

(I take time out here to say, in my opinion, a lot of fans of books such as Twilight often seem to be a little brainless in some cases, not understanding all that much - check fan sites, people sometimes seem barely able to spell. No offence to fans, I know a lot of you are highly intelligent, and I would know. There are also some very very good fanfics out there, but some are just rubbish, plain and simple. People may be in love with Edward Cullen, but some people have it right, I suppose. I neither critique or overly fan Twilight, and I have to agree on the point that Edward is somewhat a control freak and needs a little mental help - Edward really can be controlling to the extreme. Is that really someone you love? Go for it.)

Fourth point, they already have their own significant other, in most instances. Again, taking the well-known Twilight book back into this, Isabella Swan is Edward Cullen's love interest. Why fall in love with someone who is already 'taken'? To me, this is like taking your friend's girl/boyfriend. Don't tell me it might happen to me, I tell myself never to do it - my friend's happiness is worth to me more than my own, and if their feelings are requited to each other, what right do I have? It's kind of the same for fictional characters. It makes me seriously want to say 'dream on' - and you will, I know. I can see how people will blow this point off, but to me, I think it's very much valid.

This fifth point isn't all that valid, but is for people falling in love with an actor who plays a fictional character. Admiration of a actor is often, okay, since it happens, I can understand it and they are someone real - real flesh and blood who exist. But people who fall in love with a character for their actor - how they look, often - isnt something that seems right. I can see where they come from if they're falling in love with the character's character, but for what they look like is once again - rather superficial.

So, I'm glad to get that off my chest. Falling in love with characters - yes it does happen, I admit that perhaps I might have once or twice. Perhaps the real issue here is my annoyance at those who decide to publically announce it and showcase their love of a character, or perhaps the issue here is my annoyance stemming from my not wanting to admit love and maybe even envying people who freely admit they love someone. Who knows?

But in either case, I'm still tired of people falling in love with fictional characters as it is a futile and useless exercise for sure, and seems pointless as they dont even exist in reality, nor may even have the possibility to exist in reality.