Day 36 of Anime

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

Day 36 - Favorite anime related meme

I can’t think of anything else, I’m not the most up-to-date in terms of memes. I’m sure there are others I’ve come across in the past few years, but this one stands out the most. Unfortunately, this list doesn’t particularly help with finding these memes I’ve encountered.

But I’m a fan of this page. KOALA TEA, like this post.

Shortest post yet, whoop whoop.

Pontifications on Podcasting

Wwell, I won’t lie, I’ve definitely looked at just not bothering with the podcasting side of things recently. It’s a time drain, it’s tedious, it’s deathly lonesome and many other things, but while trying to sort out my thoughts on podcasting today I came up with this:

For now, the only way I can articulate how I feel about podcasting is say you were meeting up with someone for a chat, but they didn’t say anything the entire time as you hold a one-sided conversation. As you search for things to say that might be interesting to them, they have no response and you can’t read their reaction (face/body language).

I don’t know about most people, but that’s an uncomfortable situation to me. I firmly believe “it’s only awkward if you make it so” and comfortable silences are definitely possible, but in this situation I don’t know – I feel like there should be some sort of reaction or feedback in some way, not necessarily a comment. I don’t know how or what, but something.

It’s the best way I can articulate what I think I feel at the moment. Sure, a comment is nice but it’s not exactly what I’m after. I just need feedback of some sort, whatever form it might take.

What I also intended to add to this comment but didn’t was the fact that typically I’ve always been a much better listener than a talker. My friends always mentioned that I was great at listening, particularly when I was in high school. Ruben, on the other hand, is a talker which is why in part we work so well - he talks and I listen. Even when I do have things to say, a large portion of the time it remains unsaid.

Podcasting, in a way, was an exercise to become better at speaking because in general I just don’t like to talk unless it’s to raise my voice in song because singing is definitely something I enjoy doing even if I don’t do it well.

Jimbo over at the Overnightscape Underground had some great comments for me though, so I’m grateful for that. I will take some more time to think things through.

Day 35 of Anime

Gatchaman Crowds Hajime Ichinose

Day 35 - Anime character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

This answer relates specifically to the ‘wish you were’ aspect of the question. To be honest I can’t really think of a character I feel I’m most like - perhaps if I had to pick one I would go ahead with Nagato Yuki, just because of reasons. I’ve tried her hair though, and it doesn’t work not to mention I couldn’t possibly beat her ability. Personally I prefer parts of her Yuutsu personality more than the Shoushitsu personality - no doubt she’s a cutie there though.

But one character I wish I were more like is actually Hajime Ichinose, from Gatchaman Crowds. Perhaps there are other characters I’d like to learn from too, but regardless definitely she is one.

I may not agree with all her decisions, but her inquisitiveness and ability to think outside the box brings people together and she captivates them with her optimism and playfulness. She’s not afraid to welcome or make change, even if it means completely obliterating ‘traditions’, or whatever you call them.

She likes cute things, and is cute to boot, not to mention with a great sense of fashion and attitude. Birds and scissors round up her cute image.


I haven’t seen the whole anime of course, or it’s second season so it’s hard to say if my opinion of her would change, but she’s a vibrant and confident girl who I’d like to be more like. Perhaps start with a cosplay?

Capsule Communicator

Today’s question of the day entirely unrelated to anything else: What does CAPCOM stand for, from an astronaut’s perspective?

I’ve been reading Watney’s rescue over and over again and while the movie and book are different, the tension is always there. Ahh. But yes, at one stage the Captain calls “CAPCOM” and CAPCOM, whoever they are, replies “Go” for the go-ahead.

So who are they?

According to Wikipedia, CAPCOM is the Flight Controller.

That role was designated the Capsule Communicator or CAPCOM and was filled by another astronaut, often one of the backup- or support-crew members. NASA believes that an astronaut is most able to understand the situation in the spacecraft and pass information in the clearest way.

Oh! You learn something new everyday.

Flight controllers work at computer consoles and use telemetry to monitor various technical aspects of a space mission in real time.

That’s exactly what she was doing! I really shouldn’t be so excited about something so relatively simple.

Peanutize Me

Peanuts wallpaper

I never turn down a chance to create a rendition of myself with someone else’s technology.

You can make yourself into a Peanuts style character too with this Peanutize Me website which was on AWWWARDS. Assumedly it was made to co-incide with the release of the Snoopy and Charlie Brown - The Peanuts Movie made in 3D animation, though I thought this was released a while ago. It seems it’s actually going to be released in November this year though - I’m way off.

While I admit I was initially nervous that this classic comic and cartoon was going to be in 3D animation, I admit it’s looking good so far and the graphics on the Peanutize Me website are quite gorgeous and flawless. Quite impressed! Let’s hope this translates to the movie itself.

Looking at the ‘icon-maker’ tag, I usually create a rendition of Ruben to go with these posts, but this time I actually clean forgot for once. Sorry.

Day 34 of Anime

Wild Tiger

Day 34 - Best anime vehicle (car/bike/boat/etc) [NO MECHA or ROBOTS]

This was the first suitable thing that comes to mind, particularly as it’s probably one of the few vehicles in anime I would really like to collect, for no real reason other than it’s really cool and suits Saber. There’s even a radically cool figure available of Saber riding her bike, despite not being a Rider. Contrary to the description of the figure, this still should have been while she was Servant to Emiya Kiritsugu in Fate/Zero.

On the other hand, does ‘Spacebattleship Yamato’ count as a vehicle given it’s not a mecha or a robot? Because it could just as easily have been an image of that up there as well. Rarely do spaceships emphasise the ship part of the term as much as this.

In terms of ‘most pitiful’ though, I’d nominate Kagome’s bike from Inuyasha after the many times it was mauled by various youkai or Inuyasha himself out of carelessness.

Meyer Life and Death

So apparently Stephenie Meyer has done the unthinkable (what can be unthinkable with her?) and released a new book which is apparently basically fanfiction in my eyes - it’s a retelling of Twilight with the characters ‘genderswapped’ or what we call genderbending in fandom. What’s it called? It’s apparently Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined… wow, has it already been 10 years since it came out?

Some of the press is actually quite funny:

It’s been ten years since Twilight first poked its sparkly head into the world and started teaching teens about the abusive and inappropriate relationships between humans, vampires, and something called The Volturi (which has honestly always scared me a little), so Stephenie Meyer is dusting off her greatest hit and presenting it to fans as something new and completely different. She’s written a 442-page epic that retells the story of the first novel from the point of two gender-swapped main characters.

I remember reading it in high school and initially liked it, but as we went on the story developed a strange note and while looking online I began to realise this relationship wasn’t exactly normal, or at least not the way a relationship should function. I wrote fanfiction for this series, but I also wrote a few fics that were developed to poke some holes in potential plotholes in the story that were just too easily glossed over.

In this book, the character are called Edythe and Beaufort. … The hell kind of name is Beaufort? I feel sorry for the kid already.

In any case, I haven’t read it yet. I only heard about it today actually, such is how much I really care about the franchise anymore. But this review is possibly the best one I’ve read. This ‘review’ was also amusing.

If this book ends up discounted, I’ll read it. Otherwise I can’t justify the cost. Meyer, you earned (earned?) a lot of my money over the years on the whole Twilight series as well as The Host so I feel okay in not giving you too much more.

The only ‘Life and Death’ book that I want to see myself pay full price for better be about criminology or true crime in some way.

Adapting back to Earth g

Bloomberg said it can take up to four weeks for astronauts to adapt to Earth's gravity after long space missions. He's working with the National Space Biomedical Research Institute to create a training system to speed up that transition. Astronauts walk on a treadmill with a moving base, while watching a projected image that's also moving. He simulates the astronaut's shaky balance by tilting the treadmill or the image they're watching.


He said that astronauts can adapt to the zero gravity of space in just a few days. But the readjustment to Earth depends on the length of the mission. Short-duration flights can take three to four days, while a six-month stint on the International Space Station can take four weeks.

Fascinating stuff. I’ve been reading about astronauts’ return to Earth, probably because I’m still curious about Mark Watney’s return to earth despite the lovely epilogue we were treated to in the movie, not to mention I watched a video on YouTube where two cast members of The Martian talked to astronauts currently in the International Space Station.

This recount is particularly interesting.

But we have to remember of course that while the Hermes in The Martian would have been mostly weightless while they accelerated through space, there were still spinning sections where gravity was simulated by centripetal forces that allowed the crew to sit at tables, and put down a cup without it flying away. Seems like a very fine line there between too much and too little force. At any rate, this would help them with adjusting to Earth gravity, I would warrant.

Mark on the other hand, had been living in Mars gravity for about 18 months. Mars gravity is only 38% of the surface gravity on Earth. He would probably have time to get used to Earth gravity again on the trip in Hermes, but would it be more difficult for him to adjust, I wonder? Perhaps not, given the heavy EVA suit he had to wear so much of the time, but then the recount above speaks of things such as suddenly realising you can feel your eyeballs have weight. Scary stuff.