Food Experiments

Pork with egg cooked with soy sauce

I constructed the weirdest meal with ingredients I scavenged from my house and from the local Korean and Japanese grocery stores today, and it was surprisingly good! I forgot to add the red capsicum and I actually bought too many ingredients, but went well and Ruben seemed to like it too.

No picture though, because I was more interested in eating it (that is, getting someone to eat it) than presenting it nicely and finding my camera. Oh well! It was basically sang choy bao which is something like... this but personally I don't believe there's only one way to cook anything so I don't follow recipes, I always make up my own. Still, going to write this one down so I remember and don't forget to add things next time!

Ingredients: Thai style fish cake, 2 cloves of garlic, one onion, can of corn kernels, two eggs, a carrot, a stick of celery, some cabbage and lettuce, soy sauce, some olive oil (or other oil).


  1. Put the Thai-style fish cake on the pan and fry them, flipping them now and again. Cut them open to see if they're cooked, because they'll need to be cut up anyway.
  2. Take fishcakes out of pan and put on plate or in a bowl. Cut up the fishcakes into smaller pieces, though size is up to you.
  3. Dice the garlic and put it in the pan with a dash of oil and another of soy sauce, mix it around and listen to it sizzle.
  4. Slice up the onion and put it all in, give it all a good mix and throw in all the corn too, after draining the can of the salty water.
  5. I put in the eggs here because I wasn't thinking. Just made a hole in the centre of the other stuff and cracked two eggs in there, scrambling them somewhat. Add a dash of soy sauce to the egg and to the rest.
  6. Cut up celery and corn and put that in. Tore up some cabbage and also put that in and give it all a good mix. Taste to see if it's cooked.
  7. Once done, take a lettuce and strip off the outer leaves until you have smaller bowl shaped leaves. We're not fancy here so no need to make them pretty just give them a rinse in water and fill it up, set it all on a plate.

Whenever I cook eggs you can never quite identify them or their existence in the final product, oops! And like everything else I do, even my cooking is just a 'guess and check' process, which seems to work for me.