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Isnt it amusing that whenever I come on, I decide to be extra chatty? Each time - two posts! Anyway...

Ownership is a strange thing, but what defines ownership? With today's world, you can own things digitally or physically, but do you gain that real sense of ownership? Or is digitally owning just what it looks like - a bunch of pixels and numbers?

For me personally, I like to own things physically and digitally. Although physically is often preferred, it takes up room and not to mention is highly difficult to gather everything important in the case of an emergency. Digitally, however, is compact and rather convenient usually, but on the other hand, is just strings of numbers and has the potential to corrupt (I would know). Both, of course, have the ability to get lost (not to mention losing files among the thousands of files).

Physically owning things often gives the owner a sense of accomplishment. To be able to physically behold it and claim that you have it is a great thing. Digitally owning things - even programs - can also give great feelings of pride. 'Oh, I own the latest version of Photoshop!' Envy. To sit back and see the great piles of files you carefully collected also gives a feeling of accomplishment.

So I guess it comes down to this. Are you a computer person or what?

Back to myself. Look around this blog. You can see the anime/manga images well. I love to collect manga books. I find it convenient as I dont need power, only some light, to read them, although they take up so much space and money. I like owning them and being able to say, 'Yes, I own all of this series'.

But then, I also like collecting images. See an image on the internet of a particular anime/manga? Bang, save it. Another. Save that too.

This idea of ownership, you could say, is very dear to my heart. I love to own things. That's why I spend so much money on books. That's why my computers and USBs are frequently out of memory. That's why my room is so messy - it's full of books and papers and junk. I want to know all there is to know on certain things - even though I am deathly lazy and a procrastinator.

I want a lot. I want to own a lot. I admit it. (Makes me think, am I realy intelligent at all or incredibly stupid and highly ambitious?)

There are many reasons for this, of course. Ownership of it allows ease of access, if it's books or something like that. If it's a house, you feel secure, accomplished. If it's digital things like programs, you feel accomplished, well-equipped for whatever work you need - well prepared. If it's a radio, it's ease of access, convenience, accomplishment.

All in all, ownership, I guess, makes people feel good. If you own something that you really want - obviously, otherwise you just hate it - you feel great about it. Just like a guy with a ferrarri. He likes sports cars, he has one, he's happy.

But then, I guess you can think, if that's true - why do I need to own so much? Or want to own so much?