Out of Print

After finally having the opportunity to uncover my stash of manga after quite a few years, I realised tonight that I have so much manga left in limbo simply because of the demise of publishing companies Tokyopop and Changyi, and many others who have come and gone since 2009.

It makes me particularly nervous when thinking about the unfinished series I have from publishers that are thankfully still around, for example works from VIZ Media’s Shounen Jump and Shoujo Beat range - but how long can I rely on them to be around as well?

It’s good to know that a few series TokyoPop had previously published were picked up by other publishers, and in some cases have been retranslated and republished (there were lots of complaints about the quality of TokyoPop’s translations back in the day, but this applies to VIZ and other publishers as well). But how long can we count on these to be around before the winds change again and more companies vanish and spring up again to start anew?

I’ve been exercising restraint in purchasing manga these past few years, because I already have a fair amount and my parents are so against it. But perhaps it’s fine to go with instinct in some cases. If you want it, buy it, because it really might not be around forever. By that time, it will be too late for regrets.

Or you might find yourself fishing out $60 (minus shipping) for an out-of-print book.