Oshino Shinobu Nendroid

Shinobu screencap

Nendroid. Not Nendroid Petit, but Nendroid. Whoa!

I’m extremely behind in *monogatari, but if I had to choose a favourite character (other than Araragi…) I would choose Shinobu. Even in the first season, although she was docile and mostly quiet, you could feel the quiet menace. That menace seems to be given form and a voice in the later series that followed, yet she still remained a crowd favourite. It’s about time I finally got a figure of her!

Shinobu nendroid from kahotan's blog

Nendroid Oshino Shinobu

After missing out last month on the re-release of child!Shinobu sitting atop her heap of doughnuts and scattered nicks and knacks (and body parts) of other characters from the same series, I spotted a footnote today on Kahotan’s Blog about a Nendroid Shinobu set to come out soon.

With the only image of the upcoming Shinobu I can find so far, she looks to be pretty cute, but it will be great to see a coloured version of her, not to mention to see what kind of accessories she comes with. Good Smile Company has been rather generous with the items that they have been bundling of late — however, this may just be the specials from buying from their online store. Unfortunately I’ve never used it before!

There’s not much information on her yet, with more details to be released in the Monthly Hobby Japan magazine that releases on 25th of March (according to Kahotan interviewed representative), so that is only days away. The details so far is that “Nendoroid Oshino Shinobu will be included with the Nisemonogatari Premium BOX.”

Shinobu by redjuice

So many figures, where to start?

I’m hoping that there may be some preowned ones of the popular doughnut-pile figure on the market once she is released, or that they will decide to stock more. But if I can’t get the figure that I really want, this nendroid at least is an alternative I can live with. That being said, most figures I’ve seen of her seem to capture that childish facade of hers that I admit I quite like. I would probably even settle for SEGA’s take on it.

What I am truly waiting for though, is a company willing to make a PVC version of this amazing Garage Kit modelled after an illustration by redjuice I’m sure many of us are familiar with. That has always been one of my favourite illustrations of her, and would make perfect sense that I also like this Garage Kit.

Apparently Alter have voiced an intention to make it, at 18 scale which is slightly smaller than the 16 of the original Garage Kit. If we will see it within the year, is anyone’s guess, but we are all anticipating. I will definitely look forward to their version, since Alter have always made figures of astounding quality. Now that I think about it though, I might even hold out on the Nendroid for Alter’s…

Time to start saving!

Oshino Shinobu nendroid image from Kahotan’s Blog
Shinobu illust and Garage Kit/Resin Cast by redjuice and TEIJI.