[Game] Order Up! To Go

Order Up! To Go game on iOS

If you’ve been looking for an interesting cooking game, I might have discovered one. I don’t tend to play games too often, but most of my gaming decisions are influenced by people around me - either by friends playing Flappy Bird or Threes, or Ruben suddenly deciding he wants to play Bejeweled again.

Riding on the train one morning, just before I fell into a nap in the 20 minute train trip to St Leonards, I watched the woman sitting next to me deftly play an interesting cooking game on her iPad. She seemed to be doing a million things at once to my tired brain, as she fried a burger patty, gathered leaves of lettuce, cut tomatoes and fried chips seemingly all at the same time.

Later that evening, it didn’t take too long for me to uncover what the game was called, as I simply typed in cooking into the Apple App store and searched for an image among the app results that looked like the game she had played. Interestingly, if I remember correctly it was the first result.

Although the gameplay is still confusing to me (how to I earn more stars on the restaurant? Do I need to unlock these dishes, and how?), the ads are annoying, and the game seems like you could invest a LOT of time (and money?) into it to go far, it is quite addictive as you strive for excellence to please an ongoing series of patrons. I’ve played it many times as I’ve walked home, and given it so much attention I’ve not watched where I was going - I was barked at by a man walking his dog as I staggered past. The man, not the dog, to clarify.

Would recommend, but only if you have a significant amount of time on your hands.