Orange skies over sydney


The apocalypse came almost a year late in Sydney today as the skies coloured themselves orange for the occasion... well, not really, but it certainly seemed the end of the world for some whose houses and lives were threatened by bushfires in western Sydney, and the fires are probably ongoing tonight. The air today was thick with the smell of smoke to accompany the dry heat and gusting winds.

The air had started to get smoky in Hornsby at around 3pm today, and by almost 4pm the smoke had filled most of the air. It wasn't much better in the city at around 5pm, when the photos in this post were taken. By 8pm when I left Central, however, I couldn't tell whether the sky was clear, but the wind was at least cooler - though that only enables embers to be carried through the air more easily, causing further threats for houses tonight.

If this is what early Spring is like already, it certainly doesn't bode well for our summer months to come. Here's hoping that we can hide somewhere cool during those months and our suburbs won't be majorly threatened by bushfires.

Sydney truly is a dangerous place to live in sometimes!

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Crane at UTS ~5:10pmSydney Central YHA 5pmTAFE etc from Railway Square 5pm