One Year


One year since that fateful accident — it wasn’t a Sunday as mentioned in the post, it was actually a Monday, but regardless it was an unpleasant event all-round which opened up quite a few eyes to the importance of, say conveyance apparatuses (apparati?), and resulted in an interesting exam period and uni break.

I’m not saying it was bad for me personally, but it certainly was bad for the affected, and I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone let alone him. I’m glad that this June 17 passed without mishap, other than the aforementioned contracting himself a cold shortly after exams. At least this should be more short-lived than a broken ankle.

All that is needed now is a few more pushes to go see a medical practitioner specialising in specific areas of the body to further boost along the recovery process which seemed to have standstilled (that’s not a word, is it), and hopefully it’s smooth (and safe) sailing from here!

In other news, I possibly can’t think of the Bee’s Knees Vintage Cafe the same way again after it was the cafe which I last went to in the early afternoon of the day of the incident. This means I haven’t been back to that cafe for a year now, and despite their fairly tasty waffle with berries, the terrible pumpkin latte I drank that day will stay with me forever.