One thing ends and another begins


All great things must come to an end. Yesterday I lost an old role, and tomorrow I will begin a new one. It's a strange feeling, and going into something new is always scary but in the end, hopefully worth it.

I won't say that I'm necessarily happy about what happened in losing my old role, but I can accept it, and it's a decision that is probably for the best because I am considering getting a full-time job after all. And it's not like I'm leaving forever, just doing something different and more familiar. Also, truth be told, I know I'm not manager material since I'd rather be there doing the hard mush than managing projects.

I'd thought I'd convinced myself that I was just making myself think I was good for nothing but bottom rung work, so I decided to try and be a manager, but I could never quite get into it. Though I have my concerns, I know the newly appointed will have the drive to push others that I don't have, because I don't like to feel like I'm telling people to do things. It goes hand in hand with not liking to ask questions - but I'm dealing with that.

Hopefully all goes well tomorrow and this job will be able to open some new doors for me. I'm not sure I want to work in Marketing per se, but it's definitely something I can do to some extent whereas I'm not so confident in development. Then again, there is nothing I'm particularly confident in!