One step back from Mavericks is the sea

Mavericks Dock

I mentioned a while ago (really not that long at all) that I upgraded my machine to Mavericks following Ruben's updating and subsequent post about it less than a week ago. I admit, I was getting a bit jealous tired of people talking about it all the time as I waited patiently because of procrastination an inability to backup for whatever reason and because of certain scruples. I even had the file already because I'd intended to pass it to a friend (though a different copy had been used instead), such temptation!

Ultimately, it has been somewhat of a disaster for me at the moment.

This smells fishy...

Since I've used it for a little while now, it should only be fitting that I write up a complaint post mini-review of the problems I found. Also none of the general stuff as Ruben makes sure not to mention, though I will disagree about the dock because you really don't know how utterly hard it is to see whatever is open when your background is white. Perhaps it's safer to assume that everything is just open. In any case, it looks like someone hole-punched my dock up the side.

I also don't know how much a fan of the Finder tabs I really am, but that could just be the 'resistant-to-change' side talking. It is convenient to not have different windows cluttering the screen — I'm guessing it'll take slowly like those who didn't like tabs in browsers when they first appeared.

So that's okay, it's just my own problems. Plus I do love the new-old dual-screen support.

I don't have an external keyboard.

Couldn't afford one if I wanted to, let alone one that needs alternate keyboard mapping. What is my problem? My browsers, regardless of which one I use, keep locking up. They function fine in all respects other than one important feature — I can't scroll in any foreseeable direction. This has caused numerous restarts of browsers over the course of one evening, with almost as many as 4 restarts within just 5 minutes of browsing. Hey, have them lock up together for loads of excitement for your friends and family!

Imagine trying to read this article with this problem.

I haven't been able to isolate what the problem is, although at one stage I thought it was attempting to swipe back to the previous page that triggered this effect. It did not seem quite the case. Or perhaps more correctly — that's not the only case where this happens.

On the plus side, this keeps my tab count low since loading 300 tabs again and again is no walk in the park, I tell you.

I'm weathering this out though. The convenience of having a system that is functional in some manner is actually better than having to reinstall one all over again, when there are updates to apps themselves to be done and redone. Even if the dates/times on all my posts will continue to be wrong.

You don't usually have headings.

I don't like being left out.