One size does not fit all

Ruben retweeted a link to this on Twitter some time ago. Well, at least the picture up there is colourful, even if the overall image is not that pretty!

I slowly gained a liking for Samsung phones last year because of the amount of Running Man I was watching at the beginning of last year, which probably helped a lot with stress relief, if not anything else in my life at that time. Regardless, I'm still pretty happy I bought a Samsung phone as it's kind of nostalgic, and I still love Korean stuff. (Whoa, I'm 50 episodes of Running Man behind at least now. At least a year behind!)

But people have been more than gracious in the past year in telling me what flaws Samsung devices hold, so while I do still like my phone because of the wonderous 5.3-ish inch screen, it's lost a bit of its shine and I'm only halfway through my contract. It would be nice to have an Apple device simply because of the apps and the UI and an iPad Mini doesn't quite fit my niche - though I do have one! But I don't like the screen size on the iPhone, even on the iPhone5.

Did I hear/read somewhere that Samsung tries to cater for every corner on the market by releasing phones in every size imaginable? I can believe that, but sadly the phone isn't just defined by its screen size. Or indeed how powerful it is...